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Tort law is about civil wrongs: the claimants argue that the defendant breached their civil rights. Tort Law is therefore an important part of Private Law, being the law that applies between individuals.

There are many different ‘torts’, each prescribe different rights and obligations. It is important not to merge these torts, and to apply them separately and logically. Similarly, it is important to distinguish the different potential claims that can be made by a person.

This section currently focuses on the biggest tort: the tort of negligence. We are currently working on other sections of tort law, which will be added soon.

Tort of Negligence

The tort of negligence is concerned with the duty to take reasonable care not to cause reasonably foreseeable loss. Claimants will bring a claim in the tort of negligence against another party to recover their losses which was allegedly caused by the defendant’s failure to take reasonable care.

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